Currently working on the new CD of Madame Bahuex

The CD will be presented at Oktober 4th @ RadioKulturhaus, Vienna



New Theater Piece:

Muttersprache Mameloschn

by Sasha Marianna Salzmann
Coproduction makemake produktionen & KosmosTheater

Dates: We 14.2. – Sat, 17.2. | We 21.2. – Sat 24.2. | 20:00 h

Tickets: Reservations | Online

Directed by: Sara Ostertag | Music: Jelena Popržan | Stage design: Nanna Neudeck
With: Suse Lichtenberger, Jelena Popržan, Michèle Rohrbach, Martina Rösler

(dec. 2017)

One of the songs I wrote for the theater play "Zrenjanin" by Igor Štiks, directed by Boris Liješević, produced by "Narodno pozorište Toša Jovanović" Zrenjanin, Serbia. This is a story about my hometown, about the traumatas coused by privatisation of the public property, unemloyment, coruption and never the less political ignorance.

Check TheaterMusic for all songs

(mai 2017)